Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sungkai + Cikoh's Bday at Studio Grudge

Hei..Hei.. Hei!

How's everyone's puasa coming?

Just the other week, the band and friends celebrated Cikoh's Birthday (one of the best drummers out there ever. Blogger - Awu kana bayar ku nie) at the studio. Check out the pics & see the fun we had! :o)

Date: 29th August 2009
Location: Studio Grudge
Occasion: Sungkai Gathering and Cikoh's Bday.

Kamal (left) and the Bday guy ( boy?) hahaha..

Ham preparing burgers with his own homemade grilled onions and mushrooms.

Dadil and Abg Ajis.

Paul and Zul, hilarious lads!

(Blogger - Why! Why!!)

Love this shot! Paul and Shahrul posing maut ;p

Pol, were you doing that on purpose or did we captured you at the right moment? haha

Steady diorang posing atu! hahaha...

(blogger - *butterflies in tummy* mine..mine..mine)

Kamal doing his thing.

Duan.. who joined us a bit later..

Cikoh and his geng.

... and everyone else that night!
Fun it was especially with the food that we had and the company of friends. There were also others who couldnt make it due to other commitments or else it would have been so much cooler. Oh well, we'll always have next time! Right guys?
Before signing out, The BeatZ Band wishes everyone Selamat Berpuasa!
Until the next happening episode, Rock on!
The BeatZ

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Practise Session at the studio

Hello! So for the first post, we're going to share you the recent pictures as most of the dated ones has been posted on Facebook. However, we shall try our best to share with you from time to time.

And fear not, we'll try to not put the exact same pictures. .. ( mun gambar balik2, inda jua siok kali ah) ;0)

Date: 7th August 2009
Location: At the studio
Session : Practise + abit of a family get-together.

Additional Info: Kindly contact key-persons for more information on use of studio.

Enjoy the pics!

Adol, male vocalist

Atengs's sweet wife & two beautiful daughters :o)

Danny - Son of Dadil Bassit and Lina vocalist.

Ham Guitarist

Abang Aziz, Drummer

Awang of Aces


the female vocalist...

a bit too loud dear? ;p

wonder how they will react to this picture one day? This is definitely going into our archive!
Until the next post, Rock on!
The BeatZ

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello World!

Finally a new blogspot has been created for the The Beatz! Our purpose is to share you the in sights and documentary of the hardwork for what The Beatz puts together ... a hell of great music show. The band has also created a profile in facebook. Feel free to browse through when you can!

Until then, be prepared to share the journey of our band.

p/s from the blogger - From time to time, I wont be surprised with the amount of grammatical mistakes so please bear with me.

The Beatz.